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Monday, July 19, 2010

Benita Nzeribe enjoys spinsterhood

What’s all the noise about Benita Nzeribe? Some mischief-makers are spreading ugly tales around the actress. They say she is never ready to get married and say goodbye to the come easy-go-easy-men who only desire to eat and run. Her real fans and friends have taken her up severally, even on her FB bombarding her on comments relating to issue of marriage. The vivacious actress has never thought it wise to consider that marriage is like a crown on the head of a lady and the earlier she flaunt that crown, the better. Sometimes last year, she was quoted to have told newsmen that “very soon” she will send an invitation card sounding as if she had secured an engagement ring from one Mr Right. Benita have been said to have dated several men, changing them as if they were worn out cloths. But why gossips will not allow this actress to have her breath, even if she jumps around, she most probably not ready to be a play thing for any lustful skirt chaser. But she’s got to make hey while the sun shines.

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