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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What a crazy fashion!

Island Club: Things fall apart

The prestigious Island club is at the moment fighting the battle of its life. The Club founded 67 years ago by fifty distinguished men is now immersed in leadership tussle.
The falcon can no longer hear the falconer, things are falling apart and members seemed ready for a big showdown.
The leadership crisis which started early this year as a result of disqualification of some members from contesting election into top positions of the club has assumed a dangerous dimension with factions plotting to take control of the club. Although, the Board of the club may have resolved to set up a caretaker committee which we gather will hold election within a three month period, but the fall out of the judgment of the Federal High Court in June which disqualified some members is also another factor in the crisis.  While those affected by the judgment wished that some certain aspect of the constitution relating to pardons and withdrawal of disciplinary action be expunged, some stood their ground objecting to the move.  As a result, the Half Yearly general meeting of the club held recently which was presided over by the chairman, Chief Olufemi Adeniyi Williams could not resolve this knotty issue. We gathered that while one faction is calling for another meeting, another faction is disclaiming it with the fear that the Chairman, Chief Williams might be suspended.  As the tussle for the soul of the famous club rages on, uncertainty looms.  We will keep you informed as development goes.


Akande Obesere
The much anticipated hip hop and fuji album of popular fuji maestro Abass Akaande Obesere and Adewale Alani Kayode a.k.a Baba nee both stingomania stars is set to be released on November 23rd at Terra culture in Lagos.
Obesere in recent times has proven himself that he can hold his own anywhere in the world, the way he coordinated himself at the celebrity edition of the Gulder ultimate this year is proof of this, putting out every doubt that he could also do Hip Hop. Obesere’s new album is titled ‘Revolution’. It is a double album with 8 track on hip hop and same number of tracks for fuji.
Baba Nee is known for his strong lyrics drawn from proverbial chant and he calls his song Afro hip hop. He titled his twelve track album ‘Twice as nice’ and it consists of songs like Jawonsi, Onpe and 2wice as nice.
Speaking on the album launch alongside Obesere, Baba Nee said ‘Obesere is like a brother to me, we have performed together in big shows like Star Mega Jams, so for me it is a privilege to have my album launched the same day as his.
Both of their albums will go for N1000 each.
Taking place at the same venue on the same day is the inauguration of the National Election Vigilantes Organization [N.E.V.O.].  NEVO has a mandate to legally and peacefully ensure and promote an atmosphere where that all votes in Nigerian Elections Count in a free and fair environment.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Jim Nwobodo ill?

Senator Jim Nwobodo
A couple of weeks ago, Senator Jim Nwobodo jetted out of the country.  He was hale and hearty. The 70 year bubbling politician may have gone to tidy up some business interest according to information reaching us.  But few days ago when Societywatch sought to know whether he's back in the country, we gathered that he is still abroad and probably decided to attend to his health.  Our checks revealed that from a conversation he had with him, it seemed the politician is not feeling well.  He might have seized the opportunity to see his doctors before returning home. The Savannah Bank debacle and other political issues at the home front are enough worries which demand high level of fitness to tackle.  As a man who had already planted his name in the psyche of his people, his contribution to the on-going political scheming might be needed.  That is more reason he has to return home soon.  Wishing him quick recovery.

Chinenye Ochuba reminisces on her matrimony

Kunle Akinlade and Chinenye
Exactly two years ago when the former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Chinenye Ivy Ochuba Akinlade walked down the aisle with her friend of many years Adekunle Akinlade at the Regency Hall Ikeja. November 9 presents another wedding anniversary for the blessed couple.  It was a special day she will always remember.  In celebrating the day, like the couple did last year, preparations for the romantic day have been sealed.  Hold your breath, this is strictly personal and it is coming up right there in London.  Source close to the queen hinted that just like the N6m Mercedes Benz C_class gift from her hubby in 2008, another big surprise would be unveiled to her at the celebration of the wedding anniversary.  Ivy was said to have confessed to friends that she couldn't have wished for a better husband.  That is instructive, you'd say.

Mama Diaspora returns, plans another wedding for daughter in US

Chief  Ms Temitope Ajayi
A couple of weeks ago, Chief Ms Temitope Ajayi , a.k.a Mama Diaspora returned to the country after holding a classic wedding for her first daughter in United States of America. Societywatch can reveal authoritatively that she's about jetting out of the country again. Her second daughter, Moyo, a graduate of Computer science from Harvard University will be wedding in early December few months after her first daughter walked down the aisle.
We gathered that the wedding of her first daughter last month held in California, USA, was superlative with friends from the country in attendance. The single parent former leader of the Nigerian in Diaspora has got things looking up for her and this has continually amaze gossips how this woman is getting everything working out for her.
As a single parent having lost her husband to the cold hands of death several years ago, she has been responsible for the education of her three daughters who are graduates in various fields from Harvard University.