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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oprah Winfrey is hottest world celebrity, earns $315million

News that this coming season of The Oprah Winfrey Show will be her last helped the self-made billionaire garner more media attention than any other member of the Celebrity 100. Her Harpo production company, which spawned the careers of Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray and Dr. Oz, will introduce interior designer Nate Berkus this fall. Months later, the list's top-earner will add the lifestyle-themed Oprah Winfrey Network in partnership with Discovery Communications to her media empire.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Uche Iwuji’s new look

Uche Iwuji’s name may not be new in today’s Nollywood industry, but her new improved looks have certainly redefined and upped her profile. And not only has her looks changed for the better Uche is simply dazzling and having the fun of her life.
And if the look and shape of the female anatomy matter in producers’ choice of casts in movies, then Uche is on the way to becoming the most sought after actress in Nollywood.
Words have it that the 32 year old wonder woman doled out hundreds of thousands in Naira to fitness and massage experts to work on her killer hips which many say is her greatest assets.
Often yabbed by colleagues for not using her God given gift to the hilt, Uche who seems to have found her rhythm has become a popular item with the paparazzos.
With flat tucked tummy and curvy hips, she flaunts her new shape in your face, with an I dare you kind of look.
Something new also happened to her wardrobes. Gone are those damp skirts and tops that reminded one of those product of the famous bend down select market in Tejuosho, Lagos.
Brrrr... OMG, go gal flaunt them if you have it.

No secret wedding for Benny Obaze

If you are one of those harbingers of false hood spreading words of a secret marriage between city clothier Benny Obaze and Rita, his heart throb of many years, you had better put a stop to your game of deceit before the long arm of society police gets to you. Society Watch can authoritatively confirm that there is no scrap of truth in the speculation.
Instead, Benny, Chairman of Bevista and Revista Clothing who recently buried his dear mother amidst pomp and pageantry is cooling off and allowing the impact of his mother’s demise sink in.
And if you think he is in a hurry to tie up the knots with his woman, you have goofed.
Family sources gushed to SW that “For God’s sake, Benny has just buried his mother and can’t immediately roll out the drums for his wedding. And like a gold fish, there is no sense in contemplating a secret wedding”.
The love birds are simply taking things slowly not because they cannot afford it, they just want to respect Mama. Arrangements for the wedding will soon begin.

Olu Akande, Dakore Egbuson plan wedding

There were strong indication that the fairy tale romance between star actress Dakore Egbuson and city big boy and heir to the Akande dynasty, Olumide Akande may soon be formalised.
Tale bearers say the Senior Akandes who were once rumoured to have kicked against the relationship may have finally put their seal of consent.
And since the lovey-dovey duo got what they needed most in their young lives, they have been painting the town red. They are hardly seen apart these days and are everywhere the action is. Recently Societywatch caught both of them holding hands together, dancing all through the night at a function in Lagos recently. Trust tatafos, they seem to follow the couple everywhere and preying on them.
Olumide and Dakore’s relationship remains one of the most talked about in the Nigerian social circle. They have been dating for a long time and the talk amongst unbelievers was that the relationship was a just a matter of time, before it was blown away like a ill wind.
Shame to bad people. We thank the Lord for the new development.

OGD’s olive branch

Since the disagreement between the state governor and the House of Assembly started over the issue of the proposed bond, there have been accusations and counter accusations from both camps. With several reconciliation moves said to have been made by the governor have not yielded any result. A cabinet source informed Societywatch that apart from the last two moves which did not produce any result, the governor is still very much interested in closing ranks with all the feuding members of the House. We gathered that some of the feuding members have in the face of disagreement which is not a rare occurrence in a democracy, some of them have resorted to the use various anti-graft agencies to hoodwink some of the friends and allies of the executive governor and cry wolf where there is none. Source hinted that like a king who will never want his reign to be riddled with chaos, the governor is right now paving the way for another reconciliation opportunity in spite of the unfortunate standpoints and comments by those who aught to know. And like the ancient Daniel, OGD has continued to show shrewdness in boldness in tackling the issue. That of course is the burden of leadership.

Tony Allen tours US to recreate Afrobeat

Tony Allen who fueled Fela’s furious rhythmic fire and put his beat in Afrobeat for fifteen years is on a brief tour to United States tour.
His purpose you may ask is to recreate the popular Afrobeat and give it a new sensation.
The 69-year old gal, who has lived in Paris for more than two decades wondered why it took so long for the mainstream to discover Fela. Allen, with his trademark double beats on the bass drum, has long been doing his part to grow Afrobeat, starting with Fela’s electrifying Afrika 70 band in the late ’60s.
Fela charged much of his music with jagged political barbs, often aimed at the Nigerian government. His lyrics landed him in jail more than once. Allen, too, was jailed, but he has focused more sharply on the music than on righting wrongs
Some people say I created Afrobeat,” Allen said. “No, it was in conjunction with Fela. I had to find a way to play what Fela wanted. It was a challenge to myself. We were meant for each other,.” he said.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Khia and her tatoo

One year of Michael Jackson’s death: Sister claims singer was ‘murdered’ for money

Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya now claims her brother was murdered because he ‘was worth more dead than alive,’

Speaking a British breakfast TV show, the 54-year old singer and Playboy model demanded ‘the truth’ about Michael’s death;

“From the day my mother screamed ‘he’s dead’ on the phone, I just went ‘Who did it?’ He was murdered for his back-catalog, and they knew that,” she told the hosts. “It’s totally unfair, and it was not an accident.”

Just since Michael’s death one-year ago today, Billboard magazine say the Jackson estate has grossed over $1-billion in royalties.

While not endorsing his sister’s views, fellow ‘Jackson 5′ star, Jermaine Jackson says converting to Islam as he did could have saved Michael’s life.

“If Michael had embraced Islam he’d still be here today,” Jermaine told reporters, adding that life had been ‘tough’ for the family since last June.

“We’ll never get over it,” he said. “There are no words to describe the feeling, we’re just learning to live with it.”

Bosses at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn cemetery have announced that fans will be allowed to leave flowers on a terrace near the singer’s last resting place. But balloons, candles and doves are forbidden.

Never one to miss a chance to block the view of a camera, the Reverend Al Sharpton, who presided over Jackson’s memorial service, has also chimed in with his views;

“I don’t think the world has been able to mourn him properly because there are too many questions,” the BBC quotes hims as saying. “I think we can celebrate his life, but we can’t be settled with his death until we know, who, what and why. And we still don’t know.”

La Toya was among the first Jacksons to reach UCLA Medical Center when news of her brother’s condition got out. She also ordered a second autopsy after noticing unexplained medical paraphernalia in his home, and discovering that over $2 million in cash and jewels had gone missing.

So she has grounds for doubt. But is she right, or just crazy — What do you guys all think?…

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren divorce settlement iminent

While previous reports have indicated that divorce talks between Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have gone from fairly civil to quite acrimonious, it looks like there has been a breakthrough. According to report, the couple’s divorce papers are “about to be signed.” “Things are now very civil between Tiger and Elin – at least in terms of getting the divorce taken care of.”

Speculation has been that the main previous sticking points have been that Elin had decided to go for full custody of their two children, and she refuses to sign a lifetime “confidentiality clause” that would prevent her from writing a book or doing any interviews related to the collapse of the couple’s marriage. Elin still reportedly wants Tiger to be a big part of their children’s lives, but she has decided not to agree to joint custody, but perhaps a compromise has been reached. Elin bought a secluded house last year in Sweden, and is reportedly interested in moving there when the divorce is complete. Elin is also expected to collect an estimated $750 million in the settlement.

Bayelsa Dep Gov, Ebebi, impeached

The Bayelsa State Deputy Governor, Mr. Peremobowei Ebebi, has been sacked by the state house of assembly. The sack is coming just 23 days after it initiated impeachment proceedings against him.
Ebebi, a two-time Speaker of the State House of Assembly, was impeached for allegedly being guilty of nine of the 10 offences listed against him. Watch out for details

The impeachment of the deputy governor was sequel to the adoption of a report of the seven-member investigative panel headed by Mr. D.C. Dewingwe. The panel, which was set up by the state Chief Judge, Justice Kate Abiri, concluded its sitting, Wednesday, and submitted its report to the assembly for consideration.
The panel’s report had earlier been adopted through a motion moved by Mr. Franklin Otele and seconded by Mr. Alfred Egba.
Mr. Jonathan Obuebite, who moved the motion for the impeachment, said it was no longer news that 17 out the 24-member House signed an impeachment notice against the deputy governor.
He said that a resolution was passed asking the Chief Judge to constitute the panel in accordance with Section 188(10) of the 1999 Constitution, noting that the panel report indicated that the deputy governor was found guilty of all the allegations levelled against him except one.

Ebebi's offences

Part of the allegations listed against the deputy governor, as contained in the impeachment notice include:
*That Mr. Peremobowei Ebebi, the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State wilfully deserted his official duties by refusing to attend, without reasonable cause, the weekly Executive Council meetings of Bayelsa State since January 2010.
*That Ebebi wilfully failed and, or refused to attend state functions without lawful excuses since February 2010.
*That Ebebi has abandoned his office and official residence since February 2010 without official leave and has deliberately neglected and refused to perform the functions for which he was elected.
*That Ebebi, in February 2009, applied for and received N29,660, 909 (twenty-nine thousand, six hundred and sixty thousand, nine hundred and nine naira) for medical treatment in Germany but he fraudulently converted the said sum as he neither travelled to Germany or refunded the said money to the state Treasury.
*That His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Ebebi without regard to the dignity of his exalted office, openly fought with the then caretaker committee chairman of Ekeremor Local Government Council, Chief Ben Robert Eyorokumoh and shot him with a gun thereby causing him grievous bodily harm.
Hon. Obuebite said the deputy governor was found guilty of some of the allegations while others were proved except one_ that His Excellency, Rt. Hon Ebebi, in violation of oath of office, sponsored acts of terrorism with a view to making Bayelsa state ungovernable by recruiting gunmen who acquired and store large quantities of explosives, together with arms and ammunition, in Latik Hotel, owned by him located on INEC Road.
Accordingly, in compliance with Section 188(1_9), Mr. Obuebite moved the motion for his impeachment, which was supported by Mr. Fini Angaye and unanimously adopted by over 2/3 majority members of the House in attendance.

AC, others condemn action

In its reaction, AC described the impeachment process as a sad development for a state yearning for development.
According to State Acting Chairman of the party, Mr. Ebikibina Miriki ,“it is pathetic and sad that while other states are commissioning state-of-the-art projects, the Sylva-led administration is exercising undue strength and committing public funds on purely political matter at the expense of developmental projects.
“The impeachment saga is another conduit pipe to defraud the state at a critical moment the state is in dire need of empowerment and development.”
The group, Dream Bayelsa, yesterday, blamed the impeachment saga in the state on ego clash between Governor Timipre Sylva and his deputy, Ebebi.
Chairman of Dream Bayelsa, Mr. Amaebi Clarkson said, “The personality clash that culminated to the impeachment of Ebebi does not in any way benefit the ordinary Bayelsans. It rather further depleted our resources. Millions of funds have been expended on hiring SANs and publicity.
“We just hope the removal of Ebebi lead to improvement in the live of the ordinary man in the state.”

Memory lane

The impeached deputy governor, it would be recalled, had been a beneficiary of three impeachment plots in the past.
He was made speaker following the impeachment of the first Speaker of the assembly, Mr. Heineken Lokpobiri in 2001 but lost the position to Mr. Boyelayefa Debekeme following his return to the assembly in 2007.
When the house moved against Dekebeme in the build-up to the plot to oust former Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, Ebebi again turned out to be the beneficiary as he was made the speaker for the second time and was subsequently made the deputy governor to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan following the impeachment of Alamieyeseigha in 2005.

Joy Emodi seeks appointment

The reality that power is transient may have numbed Senator Joy Efeyinwa Emordi who reluctantly left the chambers after the court upheld the election of Alphonsus Uba Igbeke as the authentic winner of the senatorial seat.
Truly, she must it was not really easy to forget the camaraderie in a friendly atmosphere she had worked, so much that some of her colleagues were rooting for her stay or better still get a ministerial appointment.
But since the prevailing circumstances which we heard perplexed her, she has been seen in the presidency probably cracking out some deal. A source hinted Societywatch that the senator could be lobbying for political appointment to remain relevant in the corridors of power. Our source however believed that she is very likely to get something soonest.
Emodi was Chairman of Senate Committee on Education as well as member of the Committees on Solid Minerals, Establishment and Public Service, and Petroleum Resources (Down Stream Sector)

Bimbo Oshin’s Marriage crashes

Another marriage break-up tale is rearing its head in the household of the popular producer and America returnee, Ola Ibironke, popularly known as Dudu Heritage. Dudu got married to the Nollywood actress, Bimbo Oshin several years back and their union has produced two beautiful kids. But the fresh gist about the duo is that things seems to be falling apart and the marriage is heading for the rock Our checks revealed that shortly after Bimbo married Ola Ibironke, there have been stories of irreconcilable differences. Ola’s family, we heard did not help matters as they waded in with allegation of ill luck purportedly brought in by his wife, Bimbo. It was alleged that since they got married the fortunes of Dudu have been dwindling. This was aggravated by some regular domestic squabbles.
The pretty actress is said to be looking elsewhere for love and ready to damn the consequences of her action. Our checks revealed that Bimbo is now going out with one Ibadan young millionaire called Kunle who is one of the top models making waves in South Africa and they seems to be enjoying their clandestine affair.
Tale bearers have also censured Dudu saying that the law of retributive justice has descended on him. We heard before now that he jilted one young lady based in America prior to his marriage to Bimbo. That could have been why he returned to Nigeria.

Society Lady, Aisha Guobadia re-discovers self

Couple of years ago, the popular society lady, Aisha Guobadia, disappeared from the social scene. Some said she was held down abroad for certain offences, with unpalatable conjectures of different angles. That was some years back but she resurfaced last year. Even as she returned, tongues were wagging that the once big lady who the social scene is her oyster might not be seen nor heard of in big and high octane parties, saying she had been so devastated by the alleged incarceration, even as her businesses dwindled. Sources sometimes ago hinted Societywatch that her Toyota 4 Runner Jeep, a Highlander Army Green Coloured jeep marked with the number AGO2 has been sold. Aisha who deals in gold seems to have gotten her rhythm and ready to hit the social scene like she’s used to. We gathered that she is already putting things together to resuscitate her businesses. Part of this is her boutique on the Island getting busier with new stock being added. We also gathered that she recently bought a brand new SUV car for yourself. Don’t be surprised if you see her regularly in high octane parties. She’s really glowing..

The coming of ‘Heir Apparent’

As a steady deterioration in the constructive engagement of youth in the country's development goals and the absence of positive leadership role models, a television programme has planned to engage the youth geared toward bringing out the best in them. To this end, IMS Advertising Limited and National Orientation Agency have entered into a partnership to constructively engage the youth of the country through a reality television show tagged, 'The Heir Apparent'.
Heir Apparent which is collaboration between the National Orientation Agency and IMS Limited, an integrated marketing communication consultancy, is the positive response towards reversing these identified problems amongst the youth of Nigeria through a reality television programme.
The programme which is designed to run from the 1st of August to 1st of October, 2010, is a 60-day long TV programme to be broadcast on national and cable television that will feature 37 youth drawn from all the states of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and will produce a winner who will be crowned in an elaborate ceremony as part of Nigeria's 50th Independence anniversary celebrations.
We gathered that recruitment into the reality television show would be through the 774 local government council areas where NOA has offices across the federation and on the Heir Apparent Website, adding that elimination would also be through the viewers' prerogative as they would have the opportunity to retain or eliminate participants via SMS.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reps exchange blows

The House of Representatives yesterday literally became a house of commotion when age-long acrimony between a group of 11 lawmakers known as “Progressive-Minded Legislators” and those loyal to Speaker Dimeji Bankole, boiled over.

Hell was let loose when the 11 members led by Hon. Dino Melaye, were suspended indefinitely for alleged breach of the Legislative House (Powers and Privileges) Act.

The suspension of the members climaxed weeks of scheming and counter-scheming to force Bankole to resign over alleged corrupt practices.

The suspended legislators were mostly those who accused Bankole of misappropriating N9 billion capital vote of the House.
They are Melaye, Hon. Ehiogie West-Idahosa, Hon. Independence Ogunewe, Solomon Awhinawi, Austin Nwachukwu, Abbas Anas, Gbenga Oduwaiye, Kayode Amusan, Gbenga Onigbogi, Bitrus Kaze and Doris Uboh Uboh’s name was appended in the list with a biro.

After making the allegation, the anti-Bankole legislators took the fight to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, and urged the anti-graft agency to investigate the Speaker and the House leadership.

That was the situation before the resumption from a two-week recess yesterday.

How it all started

The proceedings started on a cautious but apprehensive note. There were palpable fears that pent-up anger that had been building in the last three weeks would explode.

After a couple of announcements, Bankole asked Chile Igbawua, who represents Kwande/Ushongo Federal Constituency, Benue State, to move the controversial suspension motion.

To see more Photos click here

Promptly, Igbawua rose and started reading the motion entitled: “Motion for suspension” and invoked Order 5(1) Sub-rule 2 and 3 and Rule 3 of the House that dwells on privilege of members.

He was still invoking the order when Melaye sprang to his feet and started shouting repeatedly: “Point of Order, No way, we cannot be suspended.”

Amid Melaye’s shouts, pandemonium set in. Other members of the progressives including Uboh, Nwachukwu, Awhinawi and Kaze frantically attempted to snatch the motion paper from Igbawua.

A flurry of pushing and shoving ensued and after a while, Melaye and his group succeeded in snatching the motion paper from Igbawua, which Melaye shredded immediately.

Attempt to seize mace

Awhinawi dashed to seize the House mace but was stopped by about 12 sergeants-at-Arm, who cordoned off the mace.

With the planned suspension aborted, a platform for a free-for-all had was set and the hallowed chambers of the House became a theatre of physical combat between anti-Bankole lawmakers and other members of the House.

Hon. Mohammed Bawa landed a series of blows on Awhinawi and in no time fell the Delta State-born lawmaker. He thereafter went for Melaye and the exchange of blows continued.

Amid the commotion, Bankole attempted to adjourn sitting. He was about to move out of the chamber, when his loyalists insisted that the suspension business must be concluded. The Speaker made a U-turn and returned to his seat.

Whistle blowing

But Melaye and his group were determined to frustrate the move. Melaye brought out a whistle and started blowing it loudly.

Undaunted by the charged atmosphere, Bankole read the list of suspended members to the applause of most of the members.

He asked the sergeants-at-arm to march those affected out of the Chamber.
But Melaye and his group resisted the order and another melee ensued during which Nwachukwu broke Chinyere Igwe’s arm with a fire extinguisher.

Other members descended on him and tore his clothes to shreds in the process.

Reps tear-gassed

To escape further beating, the Imo State-born lawmaker brought out a canister of tear gas from his pocket and sprayed it in the chamber.

Nevertheless, irate legislators bundled him out of the chamber. They descended on Melaye, tore his clothes and dragged him out of the House.

The order to throw all the anti-Bankole lawmakers out of the chamber was implemented to the letter.

Furious lawmakers carried Uboh like a baby and deposited her outside the chamber. Independence Ogunewe escaped through the back door. It became unbearable for his group. Awhinawi and Kaze were also beaten and matched out of the chamber.
West-Idahosa was not in the House but he was nonetheless suspended.

Order was restored when the ‘rebelling’ lawmakers were thrown out. The Speaker apologised to Nigerians for the rowdiness of the session and asked Igbawua “to go through the motion for clarity.”

Responding, Igbawua took the floor, and said: “I wish to draw the attention of this August House to a matter of privilege and accordingly, to invoke Order 5 (1) Sub rules 2 and 3 and rules 2 read together with Section 60 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 which allows the House to regulate its procedure and Order XVII Rule 7 Sub rules 3B, C and D which prescribe the procedure for internal dispute resolution through the Committee on Ethic and Privileges.”

He cited the Legislative Houses (Powers and Privileges) Act Cap L12 Laws of the federation 2004 that regulates the conducts of the members of the legislative houses established under the Constitution.

He stated that by the provisions of Section 24 of the Legislative Houses (Powers and Privileges) Act, any person who:

“Publishes any statement, whether in writing or otherwise, which falsely or scandalously defames a legislative House or any committee thereof: or

“Publishes any writing reflecting on the character of the President or the Speaker, as the case may be of a legislative House or the chairman of a committee of a Legislative House in the Conduct of his duty as such President, Speaker or Chairman; or

“Publishes any writing containing a gross, wilful or scandalous misrepresentation of the proceedings of a Legislative House, is guilty of an offence.

“Any Act or conduct inflicting or capable of bringing disrepute, disgrace and dishonour to the House, its committee or any of its members or officials or which in any way impairs or may likely impair the dignity of the Legislative House would constitute punishable contempt.”

Igbawua prayed the House to suspend members of the “Progressives” indefinitely pending the outcome of investigations by the Ethics and Privileges Committee.

Reps justify action

Later at a briefing, the Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Eseme Eyiboh, said those suspended breached the rules of the House.

He added that Nwachukwu brought into the Chamber a weapon which is prohibited under the Legislative Houses Act.

He added that Melaye breached the rule of the House by bringing in a whistle.
On the allegation of mismanagement of funds made by the “Progressives,” Eseme said Melaye and his group had all allowances in the rules of the House to present the allegations.

Instead of taking the available route, he said the group undermined the integrity of the House by taking the allegations outside the confines of the House.

On why Melaye and others were forcibly taken out of the House, he said that the Sergeants-at-Arm were empowered to employ reasonable force when the occasion demands, especially when those affected resist the suspension order.

Also, at the briefing, Hon. Farouk Lawan said Melaye and his group “have become constant irritants and distraction to the House.” Lawan recalled that one of them, Ogunewe, assaulted the Speaker a fortnight ago. He insisted that the legislators erred because “as I speak, there is no petition before the Ethics and Privileges Committee by this group.”

Nude culture on parade

This is another wonderful Jabulani!

Mercy Aigbe pops out baby boy

Star actress, Mercy Aigbe, last Friday 18th June 2010, gave birth to a baby boy at an undisclosed hospital in Ogba, Lagos. Mother and child are said to be doing very well.
Congrats to the new mum.

Big Brother Africa is back!

M-Net has confirmed that the latest Big Brother Africa will begin on July 18, and will be screened live 24/7 for 91 days on DStv Channel 198 for DStv Premium and Compact subscribers.

And breaking with tradition, M-Net has announced it won’t be calling for entries for the new show. The company has revealed that having run the series four times previously, they’re now head-hunting contestants from a database of previous entries submitted for the show.*

Condom with 'Teeth' Designed to Catch Rapists

A female condom with jagged “teeth” that grips a man’s penis is the latest device developed to catch rapists in South Africa, CNN reported Sunday.
South African Dr. Sonnet Ehlers is distributing the condom — called Rape-aXe — for free during the World Cup, in a country with one of the worst rape rates in the world.
The condom is inserted by women like a tampon and its jagged teeth-like hooks inside attach to a man’s penis during intercourse. Once it grabs hold, only a doctor can remove it. Ehlers hoped this will help authorities to catch offenders.
A condom that grips the penis? I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes...lmao. This doctor has yawered o! But I love, love, love, love the idea...my only problem with this is, if a rapist is stuck inside of a woman and can't remove himself, he will probably beat the shit out of the woman before the police arrive. BTW, who will call the police? They're both stuck for goodness sake.

Lucky Omoluwa bags Kwame Nkrumah award

Chairman/CEO of Pinnacle Communications Limited, Lucky Omoluwa's astuteness in business of broadcast engineering communications has been accorded recognition by one of the oldest regional magazines in Africa, West Africa International.
At its annual award event held last Thursday at Novotel Hotel, Accra, Ghana, the versatile businessman was among the notable crop of West Africans honoured.
According to the publisher of West Africa International Magazine and Chairman, Kwame Nkrumah Award Selection Board, Dr. Dee Otibu-Asare "the award bestowed on Sir Lucky Omoluwa was borne out of his entrepreneurial dexterity in guiding his company, Pinnacle Communications Limited to the top in the broadcast engineering and communications business, it was also based on his unprecedented and untainted record in steering Pinnacle Communications to the leadership position in the broadcast engineering and communications sector and his zeal and commitment towards compliance with the general policies of the Nigerian government on issue relating to broadcast engineering and communications"
On hand to receive the award at the event on behalf of Sir Lucky Omoluwa, were Mr Dipo Onifade, Mr Tunde Idowu and Barrister Lorenzo Omo- Aligbe.
Sir Omoluwa, a devout Christian who was recently knighted by the Pope as a Knight of Saint Sylvester (KSS) dedicated the award to God.
The young man was sometimes ago honoured by Harris Corporation, USA and the United State Department of Commerce respectively in relation to the excellent work of Pinnacle Communications Limited in providing digital radio and television transmitters and support/ maintenance as well as all allied equipment in the broadcast engineering communications business.

Vanguard Entertainment Editor picks another award

The Group Entertainment editor of the your widely read newspapers, Vanguard Media Limited, Mr. Ogbonnaya Amadi has been nominated for another award by a branch of Performing Musician Employer’s Association of Nigeria, (PMAN).
The Award is one of the activities of the branch marking the World Music Day celebration coming up on July 21st.
The showbiz buff will pick the award next week July 26, at the Alakoto, Ajegunle, Lagos. Among prominent hosts of the day include the Majority leader, Lagos House of Assembly, Hon. Kolawole Taiwo, the Ifelodun Local Government Chairman among others.

Wole Olanipekun’s Daughter set to wed

High flyers from far and near would gather in Lagos, Nigeria in July for the wedding of Bukky Olanipekun and Tofunmi Araromi. Bukky is the daughter of Chief Wole Olanipekun, a prominent lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) .The father of the bride is also a former President of Nigeria Bar Association with a deep pocket and blue ship companies as clients.
Our checks revealed that the party would be loaded with the creme de la creme of the society as both families are already making grand preparations towards having a swell time and making it a talk-of-the town wedding ceremony.
Not much is known about Bukky, who works with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Abuja, but her brother, Bode Olanipekun is a lawyer and socialite, with loaded friends in the social circle. Among them are Hakeem and his brother, Rasheed Murhi Okunola.
At the moment, invitations have been sent to prominent Nigerians. The engagement ceremony has been scheduled for Thursday July 1 at the popular Lagos City Hall, Lagos Island.
The wedding and reception takes place on Saturday 3 July 2010 at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS),Onikan,Lagos.

Kemi Nelson prepares for senate

Recently, the former commissioner of Women Affairs, Chief Mrs Kemi Nelson, would have rested her political plans. Now, she is said to be considering a chance at the upper chamber of the National Assembly. The fashionable amazon, may be considering whether to move to the fore-front where decisions are taken or remain at the back burner or better still, continue to seek God's direction.
Those who know hinted Societywatch that the advocate of Women Participation in Politics is presently under pressure to vie for senatorial slot and may soon indicate her interest for the job.