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Monday, June 28, 2010

OGD’s olive branch

Since the disagreement between the state governor and the House of Assembly started over the issue of the proposed bond, there have been accusations and counter accusations from both camps. With several reconciliation moves said to have been made by the governor have not yielded any result. A cabinet source informed Societywatch that apart from the last two moves which did not produce any result, the governor is still very much interested in closing ranks with all the feuding members of the House. We gathered that some of the feuding members have in the face of disagreement which is not a rare occurrence in a democracy, some of them have resorted to the use various anti-graft agencies to hoodwink some of the friends and allies of the executive governor and cry wolf where there is none. Source hinted that like a king who will never want his reign to be riddled with chaos, the governor is right now paving the way for another reconciliation opportunity in spite of the unfortunate standpoints and comments by those who aught to know. And like the ancient Daniel, OGD has continued to show shrewdness in boldness in tackling the issue. That of course is the burden of leadership.

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