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Monday, June 28, 2010

Olu Akande, Dakore Egbuson plan wedding

There were strong indication that the fairy tale romance between star actress Dakore Egbuson and city big boy and heir to the Akande dynasty, Olumide Akande may soon be formalised.
Tale bearers say the Senior Akandes who were once rumoured to have kicked against the relationship may have finally put their seal of consent.
And since the lovey-dovey duo got what they needed most in their young lives, they have been painting the town red. They are hardly seen apart these days and are everywhere the action is. Recently Societywatch caught both of them holding hands together, dancing all through the night at a function in Lagos recently. Trust tatafos, they seem to follow the couple everywhere and preying on them.
Olumide and Dakore’s relationship remains one of the most talked about in the Nigerian social circle. They have been dating for a long time and the talk amongst unbelievers was that the relationship was a just a matter of time, before it was blown away like a ill wind.
Shame to bad people. We thank the Lord for the new development.

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