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Michael Jackson’s sister claims singer was ‘murdered’ for money

Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya now claims her brother was murdered because he ‘was worth more dead than alive,’

Speaking a British breakfast TV show, the 54-year old singer and Playboy model demanded ‘the truth’ about Michael’s death;

“From the day my mother screamed ‘he’s dead’ on the phone, I just went ‘Who did it?’ He was murdered for his back-catalog, and they knew that,” she told the hosts. “It’s totally unfair, and it was not an accident.”

Just since Michael’s death one-year ago today, Billboard magazine say the Jackson estate has grossed over $1-billion in royalties.

While not endorsing his sister’s views, fellow ‘Jackson 5′ star, Jermaine Jackson says converting to Islam as he did could have saved Michael’s life.

“If Michael had embraced Islam he’d still be here today,” Jermaine told reporters, adding that life had been ‘tough’ for the family since last June.

“We’ll never get over it,” he said. “There are no words to describe the feeling, we’re just learning to live with it.”

Bosses at Los Angeles’ Forest Lawn cemetery have announced that fans will be allowed to leave flowers on a terrace near the singer’s last resting place. But balloons, candles and doves are forbidden.

Never one to miss a chance to block the view of a camera, the Reverend Al Sharpton, who presided over Jackson’s memorial service, has also chimed in with his views;

“I don’t think the world has been able to mourn him properly because there are too many questions,” the BBC quotes hims as saying. “I think we can celebrate his life, but we can’t be settled with his death until we know, who, what and why. And we still don’t know.”

La Toya was among the first Jacksons to reach UCLA Medical Center when news of her brother’s condition got out. She also ordered a second autopsy after noticing unexplained medical paraphernalia in his home, and discovering that over $2 million in cash and jewels had gone missing.

So she has grounds for doubt. But is she right, or just crazy — What do you guys all think?…