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Monday, June 28, 2010

Tony Allen tours US to recreate Afrobeat

Tony Allen who fueled Fela’s furious rhythmic fire and put his beat in Afrobeat for fifteen years is on a brief tour to United States tour.
His purpose you may ask is to recreate the popular Afrobeat and give it a new sensation.
The 69-year old gal, who has lived in Paris for more than two decades wondered why it took so long for the mainstream to discover Fela. Allen, with his trademark double beats on the bass drum, has long been doing his part to grow Afrobeat, starting with Fela’s electrifying Afrika 70 band in the late ’60s.
Fela charged much of his music with jagged political barbs, often aimed at the Nigerian government. His lyrics landed him in jail more than once. Allen, too, was jailed, but he has focused more sharply on the music than on righting wrongs
Some people say I created Afrobeat,” Allen said. “No, it was in conjunction with Fela. I had to find a way to play what Fela wanted. It was a challenge to myself. We were meant for each other,.” he said.

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