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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Society Lady, Aisha Guobadia re-discovers self

Couple of years ago, the popular society lady, Aisha Guobadia, disappeared from the social scene. Some said she was held down abroad for certain offences, with unpalatable conjectures of different angles. That was some years back but she resurfaced last year. Even as she returned, tongues were wagging that the once big lady who the social scene is her oyster might not be seen nor heard of in big and high octane parties, saying she had been so devastated by the alleged incarceration, even as her businesses dwindled. Sources sometimes ago hinted Societywatch that her Toyota 4 Runner Jeep, a Highlander Army Green Coloured jeep marked with the number AGO2 has been sold. Aisha who deals in gold seems to have gotten her rhythm and ready to hit the social scene like she’s used to. We gathered that she is already putting things together to resuscitate her businesses. Part of this is her boutique on the Island getting busier with new stock being added. We also gathered that she recently bought a brand new SUV car for yourself. Don’t be surprised if you see her regularly in high octane parties. She’s really glowing..

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