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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Island Club: Things fall apart

The prestigious Island club is at the moment fighting the battle of its life. The Club founded 67 years ago by fifty distinguished men is now immersed in leadership tussle.
The falcon can no longer hear the falconer, things are falling apart and members seemed ready for a big showdown.
The leadership crisis which started early this year as a result of disqualification of some members from contesting election into top positions of the club has assumed a dangerous dimension with factions plotting to take control of the club. Although, the Board of the club may have resolved to set up a caretaker committee which we gather will hold election within a three month period, but the fall out of the judgment of the Federal High Court in June which disqualified some members is also another factor in the crisis.  While those affected by the judgment wished that some certain aspect of the constitution relating to pardons and withdrawal of disciplinary action be expunged, some stood their ground objecting to the move.  As a result, the Half Yearly general meeting of the club held recently which was presided over by the chairman, Chief Olufemi Adeniyi Williams could not resolve this knotty issue. We gathered that while one faction is calling for another meeting, another faction is disclaiming it with the fear that the Chairman, Chief Williams might be suspended.  As the tussle for the soul of the famous club rages on, uncertainty looms.  We will keep you informed as development goes.

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