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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

IBB sees red @ Madonna University

Call it nemesis if you like. Former military Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babaginda a.k.a. Maradona’s statement many years ago that the youths were incapable and immature to rule the country, came to haunt him in far away Okija, the home of private University, Madonna.
The man who calls himself the evil genius may have been paid back in his own coins on a day the University authority chose to honour him with an honourary doctorate degree.
Accompanied by his host, the Governor of the Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi and a vast entourage, the gap toothed and agbada wearing ex- General arrived the University, unaware that trouble loomed.
No do, no do, the, business of the day soon got underway with the Vice-Chancellor Prof Ngwoke taking charge, after the usual procession.
And just when it was the turn of the Minna landlord to thank the University for honouring him, a foremost actress, Rita Edochie chose that moment to walk into the venue.
One cat call, was all it took for bedlam to erupt and the cacophony of noise that heralded her arrival. Oblivious of the speech being delivered by IBB, the students’ screams and catcalls drowned whatever speech the former military president was making.
Attempts by the VC to restore sanity to the event, like water on the back of a duck failed. And just when activities resumed and everyone thought normalcy had returned, than another shocker came by way of the arrival of another seasoned and bearded actor, Prince Emeka Ani. This time the venue became rowdy as the students roared to the delight of the dark-skinned actor who obviously enjoyed the attention.
The VIPs present at the occasion were visibly embarrassed but could not save the situation.
IBB’s attempt to pacify the students by citing the example of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein who at the ages of 24 and 26 invented the camcorder failed to impress and score with the students.
It was an embarrassed VC that gathered the students the following day and lampooned them on the discomfiture caused by them.
He was miffed by what he called the attitude of the students in edifying the Nollywood stars he referred to as clowns. But the truth remains that whatever the VC said on that day, The students have made an instructive statement. Chikena.

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