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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Man tears two friends apart

“Oh Jah see them coming, see them lying...”, This line of a song made popular by reggae musician, Ras Kimono paints the picture of the story SW is about unleashing. It is the story of the once upon a time sizzling romance between two former friends and partners in an advertising firm based in Surulere, Lagos, which sources say has since collapsed. The bane of the matter according to a source is built on distrust and betrayal. .
For the benefit of you our dear readers, one of the ladies is an ace broadcaster who also runs a local content feature TV programme in the UK and one not new to this page. And the other, is a half Indian, half Trinidad and Tobago beauty once rumored to be in a steamy relationship with a Nollywood actor who recently got married.
Shhhhhh... do not say SW told you this. The real gist is that MAN is at the centre of the wahala. Hmmm, Society Watch gathered that trouble started shortly after this half cast lady who recently returned from a business trip to London teamed up with her broadcaster-friend to expand the frontiers of the advertising business she set up years ago.
Things went on well for a while until the very seductive Oyibo pepper decided that her friend’s man was better off with her.
An unperturbed Madam broadcaster who believed that no woman could touch her guy was said to have received the shock of her life when, like an Iroko tree, her guy fell on to the antics of the seductive temptress.
Betrayed that her friend and business partner could touch the forbidden fruit, Madam broadcaster has now declared war on her former friend, whom source say has since Kasala bursted, scrammed back to the UK.
Mind you, the man in question, is reportedly married with a wife with grown up kids.

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