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Monday, July 19, 2010

Who is after DAKOVA?

For the fashion enthusiasts in the late 80s, the name DAKOVA rings bell. David Kolawole Vaughan carved a niche for himself as one of the early starters of real fashion business in Nigeria and he had enjoyed the patronage of a good number of who-is-who in the social circle until late 90s when he veered into politics apparently to attract more patrons. Politics became one of his undoing factors as he was incarcerated on political related issues while his fast growing business crashed, hitting him so hard. Surviving from his several ordeals, he migrated to Abuja, and started again on a fresh note. The celebrated fashion designer again veered into entertainment business. With his Aristotle Nite Club, fortunes again began to smile on him as society gals and politicians make this popular hangout located at Ceddis Plaza, Abuja, a place to visit. Little did he know that his detractors are well at work again. Recently a dreaded team of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) stormed his hangout in Abuja and whisked him away. Although he was said to have been released shortly after interrogation over what a source described as narcotic related issue. We gathered that he had earlier had a brawl with one of his customers who we gathered was a very influential young man over unpaid bills running close to a million naira. The young man, we heard vowed to deal with him with all his might. Tale bearers are also pointing accusing fingers on some envious club owners in the city who feel the success of Aristotle Nite Club is detrimental to theirs. We gathered that the club has not fully recovered from the incidence as full services are yet to begin, while patrons seem skeptical about their security at the fun centre. Whoever is behind this, sources yelped, the dimunitive designer will come out stronger., just a matter of time he said.

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