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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Comedy in Church

Na waooh! Was the first comment that came from the lips of a young woman who read this flyer with this Society reporter. The content of the flyer is about a popular and well known comedian especially in Surulere. He has been seen on TV a couple of times, drives a Mercedes Benz and was pushed to lime light by a leading comedian who currently runs a comedy live show on TV. This star comedian of ours has really be hustling to host his own comedy show and had actually tried a couple of things like putting up some fairly average performances in the past in street side night clubs and drinking points. But this time around, he took his campaign to the church. This is not strange, especially in Lagos as churches are fast now becoming pulpits for a number of comedians. Show after show are now being organized in collaboration with church pastors as part of a fierce effort at canvassing for members which in some cases had worked. People now actually come to church to laugh! Talk of the end time... Anyways, we wish this comedian good luck in his future gospel-comedy endeavors.

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