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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bibiana Ohio plays hide and seek!

Since her bitter divorce, the former beauty queen’s appearance in public has been sparsely noticed. The prying eyes of the media had not helped matters too, occasionally lashing out at her and her every move after the devastating experience had been evilly watched. Gossips had waited for the slightest opportunity to trigger off a rumour but then, there had been none! She had recoiled into herself, focusing solely on her job as a broadcaster and raising her daughter.
For a long time, nothing was heard or seen of her. She avoided public red carpet engagements, luncheons and parties where preying eyes lay in wait for her like a plague. Then, she was sighted at the A.M.E.N awards with her daughter Marisa but missed other major award nights and town rocking events. The hide and seek became difficult and we had in fact laid our pen to rest on her before last week, Societywatch’s search light fell on her, on the eve of her departure back to her work base in Abuja. She had been in Lagos for a few weeks of ‘work leave’. A source close to the inner ring that shadowed her, told this reporter that she had been having a time of her life here. When we asked “with whom?” Our source pointed to the heavens and swore in God’s name never to tell. That gave us a clue....you know what I mean. Places she frequented was also not given to us incase we planned to lay ambush on her next visit which we hear is coming very soon. We tried to tail her even for that one night, but for a lady who had beat gossip reporters to their own game, It was impossible! Anyways, our dragnet tightens and we hope we’ll catch her soon, someday.

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