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Friday, July 1, 2011

Police go tough on mother of miracle babies

Precious' church:  Holy Ghost Power Ministry,

The mother of seven ‘miracle babies, Mrs Precious Donatus Ogbonna  made a desperate plea as she languishes in police detention in Owerri just as she insisted that her story is true.  From
the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) where she is being held, source disclosed that she was yearning for help on her situation as the police continued to gather information on her claim.  
Inside source hinted Saturday vanguard that she is being subjected to a very annihilating condition, an action which suggests that she has already been condemned by the police.  “The condition of where she was kept was terrible” adding that only one of the family members was allowed to see her since her detention.
One of her relations, we gathered, who was at the station to see her was almost locked up few days ago.  “Few days ago, an uncle of hers was there to see her but the police insisted that he had to write a statement, but after some argument, he left the station angrily” source said.  But we gathered that frantic efforts are being made by some of her family members to ensure her release soon.  There position we gathered was that she should not be presumed to have committed the crime of stealing babies until investigation proved so, adding that proper investigation should be carried out.
Our source however, hinted that few days ago, she cried for help asking to see her babies especially when information filtered to her that two of the babies were ill.  The babies have been kept in a motherless babies in Owerri under the close watch of the police.  Source who visited the home where the babies were kept said, the babies were restless and the authorities of the home are willing to reject the babies. “the babies were crying all day, and the authorities of the home are saying the police should come and carry the babies”source said.
Pa Anthony, Precious' father
Mr Ogbonna who was said to have been questioned and immediately released did not pick his call when Vanguard sought to hear from him.  At press time, our reporter eventually got him, but  he declined comment saying he was very angry with Vanguard on our publications of the story.
Mr. Ogbonna has refused to speak with Vanguard since the story broke out.  
Mrs. Ogbonna before her arrest told Vanguard that her husband abandoned their home and disclaimed the paternity of the babies making her to bear the brunt of caring for the seven babies alone.  She had always insisted that only a DNA test can convince him and bring him back.
Barr Bamidele Aturu, Human Rights Activist
The Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Imo State Command, Mr. Linus Nwaiwu, when contacted, said he would get back to Vanguard on the issue, but our source hinted that the police is interested in the hospital where she claimed to have delivered the babies while other investigation continues. We gathered that Mrs Ogbonna has yet refused to name the hospitals where she claimed to have delivered the babies.
Precious’s father, Mr. Anthony Achoneye, 75, who earlier spoke with Vanguard on the issue refused to comment. He said he was not unaware of the arrest but said he was on the sick bed in Nwangele Amiegbo, his village receiving treatment. “I have been told of her arrest but I can tell you anything now, I am on the sick bed in my village and until I get back to Owerri, I cant say anything now.”  Earlier in a chat with Saturday Vanguard at his kiosk located in front of her daughter’s church, , the former mason said: “Precious is the eldest of my three daughters and I know her very well.  She is the mother of the seven babies.  That is the miracle God has done to me.”
Saturday Vanguard also learnt that the issue of where she delivered the babies has not been resolved with the police, an indication that she may not be released soon.

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