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Friday, July 29, 2011

More facts emerge on Mother of 7 miracle babies

Precious Ogbonna
There are indication that the husband who had kept mum all these while may also be a complicity in the case of Precious' seven miracle babies.  A family source has hinted societygist that before the ordeal of his wife in the hands of the police, Mr Ogbonna demanded the sum of N4million from his wife as a share of what she had received as donations from good spirited Nigerians on the seven miracle babies.
We gathered that Precious refused claiming she had no such money and the man vowed to deal with her.  A family source also hinted that the man who is a furniture maker at 41 Tetlow street, Owerri had the habit of extorting money from his wife, adding that all had not been well with the family since the issue of pregnancy came up two years ago. We gathered that he stayed away from the house and only coming around when he needed money.
Source hinted that recently Precious moved out of the house to hire a three bed-room apartment at the Umulere, Owerri where she was arrested by the police on Monday June 20. He seldom come to the house according to the source.
Meanwhile, in the interview he granted one of the daily newspapers, he had tried to exonerate himself on the issue disclaiming suggesting he disclaims the paternity of the seven babies.
Watch out for more details 
Mr Donatus Ogbonna

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