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Friday, July 1, 2011

I’m expecting more babies, ready for DNA test, Mother of 'miracle babies' says

Mrs Precious Donatus Ogbonna Mummy P

Last week, we published a story of one Precious Donatus Ogbonna who claimed to have delivered seven babies in one year.  In order to bring you a detailed report this week, Saturday Vanguard deplored personnel to Owerri, where she is based to find out more about the story, what the doctors say, reactions of neighbours and other information surrounding her claim. Ishola Balogun  writes. 

TO some, it just bizarre while others believe it was a miracle. Giving birth to seven babies in one year is a strange occurrence that even those in the field of medicine have described inexplicable. But to Pastor Precious Donatus Ogbonna, the mother of the seven babies, it is a miracle, a life-affirming tale of a blessed family that puts multiple births into perspective at least in this part of the world.
In her Umuelele, Irete residence and MCC road where her church is located, Mrs Ogbonna was popular even before her miraculous delivery of the babies.    Few people in her neighbourhood who volunteered to speak to Saturday Vanguard on her character said they knew her as a prayer warrior and General Overseer of Holy Ghost Power Salvation Ministry, Owerri adding that the birth of the babies was another miracle in the recent time. But what is more stunning now is that the number of the babies from this single conception might increase to ten as she hinted Saturday Vanguard that she still expects more. “As I am talking to you, I am still expecting another one.  I am feeling it.  I had actually prayed for seven children but God said I was going to have ten,” she says. And for those who still hold a doubt on the veracity of her story, the Pastor has challenged that she is ready for a DNA test as scientific proof for her miracle.  She however ref used to mention the hospital where her deliveries took place saying that “Those who are waiting to be told the hospitals where the deliveries took place before they believe should know that we are in a computer age that I am available and very very ready for a DNA test.” adding that God had warned her against that.
Interestingly, she hinted that this miracle was predicted by her niece, a little a 10year old prophetess in her household.
Below are details of her story.

My story — Precious Ogbonna, Pastor of Holy Ghost Power Salvation Ministry, Owerri,
I have been believing God for the fruit of the womb for a very long time, and after12 years, God remembered me and gave all these children.  It was one conception that generated this miracle.  While I was praying for babies, I pray for people to have babies and God answered them and they gave testimonies.  But, I kept wondering even as I continually pray to God that why should I be left out in the miracle.  I used to tell God what people used to say about me, the persecution, mockery and other tribulations, but I believe these are bound to happen.  God told me I was going to conceive and that month did not go without the wish of God coming to pass. When I took in, I went for a pregnancy test and it was positive.  But at that point, two months after, I saw blood like it was my menstrual period and it continued like that till the night month.  There was a time it flew for 14 days. I prayed and God told me blood was not pregnancy.  Somebody also told me it was a sign of multiple pregnancy.  At the night month, I put to bed a baby girl.  Because of the long period of childlessness, I prayed to God that I wanted a multiple babies.  After returning from hospital,  friends came to give me some further treatment, they were massaging me seriously ensuring there was no congealed blood.  They tied a wrapper on my stomach but when I prayed, God said I should remove the wrapper and I did instantly. I was taking the usual pepper soup not knowing I had more babies in my womb.  But the baby died after five days after.  I gave up to God believing that He has a better plan for me. I called my little niece who had earlier prophesied that I was going to be pregnant to pray for me.  She did and said that I was still pregnant.  After sometime, I went to do an ultra scan and it was confirmed that I was pregnant, they also confirmed that there was a fibroid, a hole some where (an indication where the first baby passed through) I also did not revealed that I gave birth to a baby before. I was afraid they will recommend a surgery.  On the eighth month after the first baby, I gave birth to another baby girl named Conqueror Ogbonna.  Few days after the birth, I was still feeling some kicks in my stomach, I visited a doctor and he prescribed some hard drugs which I refused to take, and one month after, I had another baby named Angel Ogbonna.  When I went back to the hospital where I bore the other one, the doctor did not accept me saying he was confused telling me this has never happened before.  That made me to registered in so many hospitals. In August put to bed again, another baby girl.  Somebody who came to congratulate me surprisingly said why is it that I gave birth to only female babies, asking that is it only female babies in my womb.   I became sad, and I prayed to God and on August 16, 2010, I bore a baby boy named Ekpereamaka, meaning prayer is good.   Thereafter, on September 19, 2010, I had another female baby named Finessed.  On October 19, 2010, I also had another named Evidence (female) and until January 13, 2011, I had Flourish, male and lastly on April 2, 2011, I gave birth to Ebenezer, male.  It is an unusual miracle.  Each baby with its placenta, it means 16 ‘push’.  People are wondering how it happened. I believe God decided to honour me in this way.  And as I am talking to you, I am still expecting another one.  I am feeling it.  I had actually prayed for seven children but God said I was going to have ten.  So, I marvelled and thought the ten would come in a space of twenty years not knowing what God had in stock for me.  Right now, I want to tell you that I am feeling baby kicks. When the next baby will come I don’t know and I am not ready to do any ultra scan.

Kidnappers were after me, I will not reveal the hospitals but ready for a DNA test

When Pastor precious was asked to name the hospital where she gave birth to her babies, she declined saying: “I will not go against what God asked me to do.  Do you know that when i delivered the first baby, people wanted to kidnap me and the baby.  But God prevailed on them.  I told you I am a delivering Minister.”  When asked how she could proved that, she said: “That is the fact.  You know my work and yours are not the same. I am a Pastor who pray for different people and when you do that and they see result, some people who have done one harm or the other against them might go after your life. So, which ever way God asked me to do something, that is how I go about it.  Those who are waiting to be told the hospitals before they believe should know that we are in a computer age that I am available and very very ready for a DNA test.  Maybe that will convinced them, but for me to mention the name of the hospitals, no, I wont do that because God warned me against that. I remember when I went back to the first hospital to deliver the second baby, they said ‘woman! are you crazy’, how can you say you are in labour after putting to bed last month’

Why I’m not breastfeeding the babies
“I breastfed the first baby, but when she died, I took some drugs in order to stabilise my breast. And when the second baby came, I did not breast feed based on two things.  I was still feeling the kicks of babies in my womb and it is advised not to breastfeed while still pregnant.   Again, God ministered to me not to do that.  They take instant formula of two and half cartoons every week at the cost of N26,000 and about 10 cartoons every month which is about N260,000 monthly.” Let alone pampers and other things. It is not easy.

Little prophetess in the house

Mmesonma Onyenachi, 10, is a cousin of the miracle woman (Precious Ogbonna). Little Mmesonma sometime ago prophesied that her aunty would soon forget the trauma of childlessness and give birth in a miraculous way.  When her Pastor Prescious got pregnant and delivered her first baby in 2009, which passed on five days later, little Mmesonma prophesied that there was more babies coming and behold, it came to pass.  According to her “I didn’t just know how I do that but I just realised that it is a special natural gift.” she said. On what she intend to become in future, Mmesonma, a primary four pupil of unnamed primary school in Owerri said she neither want to become a doctor nor an engineer but a Pastor.  “I want to become a Pastor, and I know with my special gift, I will achieve that.” She continued that “Because of the way I used to pray for people, my schoolmates call me pastor.”   Her aunty (Pastor Precious Ogbonna) noted that Mmesonma fasts every Saturday and often times go on fasting every other day. “ She became a prophetess at the age of Nine. Apart from her prophesy that I will give birth to more babies, she is known in the church for giving prophesies and they always come to pass. She prays and fasts a lot. I sometimes have to plea with her to do a 6-12 fasting instead of her choice of 6-6 fasting.” she stated.     

Amazing qualities of the babies
Among the seven babies, Pastor Precious singled out Chizitere, (Treasure) female, who was born June 3, 2010 to have some amazing qualities.  She noted that little Treasure amazed the family when she began to talk at four months. “She started talking calling ‘tata’ when she clocked four months. It amazed us but we also know they all are precious gift from God with special blessings”  Another amazing quality of Treasure, she added  was that “when ever she hits my stomach calling tata frequently, I will go into labour to born the next baby.  She has done that a couple of times. Apart from that, all of them are happy and growing very well.”

Neighbours speak
It’s true, she is a prayer warrior
It is true. It is what can be called uncommon miracle.  I know her, she used to go pray for people even before she was called as a pastor.  She is a prayer warrior. Why should people doubt it? What is the basis for lying about giving birth to seven children? You should first of all know that she has the trouble of taking care of them all.  If she wanted to adopt babies, how can I go adopt seven babies. Just look at their feeding, clothing, and general upkeep let alone when they start going to school. I think no one will do that knowing what she would face.  But because it is natural it remains a blessing—  Mrs Victoria Ikenwosu,

I believe it but it is a puzzle
It is still a puzzle to me. All I can tell you about her is that she is a pastor of a church and people believe her as somebody with integrity.  On the basis of that I believe the story. But I was not in the labour room with her, we just heard the story of her multiple birth.

It is a miracle!
I attend her church and because of the wonderful things in terms of miracle that she is doing, I believe her story.  She used to pray for people who had no kids and they were blessed through her prayers. People come from different places for one thing or the other and they used to give good testimonies about the case at the end.  I know of several cases she has helped in prayer for the fruit of the womb, and it is normal to believe that miracle could as well happen in her case. — Ndidi Onyekachi, MCC,Owerri.     

What doctors say
It cannot be explained — Dr Donald Chidi Nwankwo, a Physician, FUTO Medical Centre
And you know anything that cannot be explained could be said as miracle. I have written to the state government because I know the world will ask question.  Government should take it up and look into it.
I really don’t blame people who doubt it because since it is miracle, people will doubt it.  It is only in science that we have proof but in miracle, there is no proof. So, if they don’t doubt it, then it is not a miracle. What is beyond human imagination is called miracle. In the present time, it is possible but you may not be able to explain it.  A normal human being have one uterus just like you can say one heart for one person, supposing tomorrow we see somebody with two hearts and more than one uterus as human being. So, on the woman, the matter can be proved through a DNA test, there are other scientific way of proving it though, it will be complicated and expensive.   can prove that

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  1. This fact that a woman bears seven kids under 11months is beyond human and medical comprehension but we should not also know that there is nothing,absolutely nothing too hard and impossible before and to God.I believe in Miracles. Sp the police,i would advise should treat this case with every sensitivity and care that it requires in as much as i urge them to do their job.Come to think of this,why would anybody want to adopt seven kids knowing how hard and difficult it is to take care of one as regards the cost of baby foods and pampers, etc .?