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Thursday, February 16, 2012

'144 Virgins': The couple needs spiritual help --- Olumba Olumba Obu

Bishop Joseph C. Dike, Director of Information BCS.

Parkson Edjeketa, Resident Priest, BCS, Ikeja, Lagos

ByIshola Balogun

Last week, we published a story on 144 virgins fanning a spiritual leader while asleep, as told by Pastors Lovina Iburene and Enoch Iburene, a couple, and founders of the Truth Ministry and Christ World Charity Ministry, Lagos. In a swift reaction, the concerned spiritual leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Olumba Olumba Obu through his subjects, Bishop Joseph C. Dike, the Director of Information and Parson Edjeketa, Resident Priest, Ikeja, Lagos, described it as unfounded saying the couple needs spiritual help desperately. In an interview with Saturday Vanguard, the emissary refuted the claim that 144 virgins fan their leader. “The Bible spoke about the 144,000 virgins, so, we have a body called '144,000 Virgins'. They are young men and women who have dedicated their lives in celibacy to the service of God. The leader from time to time gathers them to teach them the word of God because these people will be able to carry the message unadulterated.” They maintained that fanning him in this modern age of air-conditioners and fans, make the story ridiculous. We bring you the 'Brotherhood's side of the story. Excerpt

Membership of the couple
After the publication she made in 2003, we held a press conference and many media were there and we told them the plain truth that even when you see God, they will draw a man with glowing eyes, and aura of holiness and when you see Satan you still see a man with red eyes, may be the look of an animal with human features. So anybody who instead of seeing God sees demon in likes or reptiles and other funny creatures in his vision, that person has a psychiatric problem. Because it is only somebody with distorted mentality that will start seeing reality out of its proportion. Even the bible says let us make man in our image, after our likeness. Even when they talk about witches, they still see human beings with long nails and some funny features. But brotherhood of the Cross and star preaches nothing but love for one and other whether you are a  Christian, Judaic or Muslim, we are children of one father. The mission of Leader Olumba Olumba Obu is to unite the Abrahamic family together. Because the three originate from one source. All of them traced their genealogy to Abraham. So, why should the children of the same father be fighting? So, when we read the publication in your newspaper, we said instead of reacting negatively, we have to state our own side of it, and that was why our father mandated us to come to Lagos and  put the records straight. So, that the people who are misled by that first publication will know the truth.

On allegation of two people that ran mad
In 2002, I was made the spokesman and I was resident in the world headquarters. Then we had a programme running in NTA Calabar, every Tuesdays, for one hour. And the objective was to explain the doctrine and the mission of the Brotherhood. And part of it was an open invitation to the public that contrary to what they say that they kill human being and suck blood and so on, we invite people to come see for themselves and announce what they saw. Many people came and the then AIG Police had to send a contingent of mobile policemen to the headquarters and they were there. There was a time a young man went and told a story to the police that he was locked in a room and they wanted to use him for a ritual and that he managed to escape. The police came to the compound and they met their men their and they were led to the place and were surprised that such a thing would happen without them knowing. That was part of the propaganda and rumors they are selling.
In the brotherhood, we have places they called healing homes. In these homes, no matter the physical and spiritual problems you have, you will be healed. I am talking about confirmed cases of madness. When they come there, with prayer and fasting, they get healed and return to their normal lives. We have it scattered all over and not in one place. So, instead of somebody to come to brotherhood and get mad, on the contrary when they come they get healed. Impossible cases become possible and nobody charges you anything. It is not a case of go bring perfume, or get some special water from Jordan or anywhere. It is through the word of prayer and fasting.
When you come there, nobody wants to know your religion or your social status, or your financial capacity. We only see everybody as our brothers and sisters who came to worship our father. And people have been coming from all over the world. To say some people came to see the leader and ran out mad is part of the delusion, a psychiatric disorder which leads to hallucination. Under that, that person can conceive imagination and that is grand delusion. This is what is happening to my sister. I am sorry, but no matter what she says, she is still my sister in the lord. She and her husband need spiritual help and they need it desperately. Anybody who loves them should help them by taking them to a Psychiatric home. The husband said he got bitten by a specie of insect he does not know and developing into a pus that almost led to his amputation. But he failed to bring a medical report of treatment. I really don't know how to qualify the story.

On some 'crusaders' who died in Osun state
In the year 2001, there is an organisation in the 'Brotherhood' called Christ Universal Missionaries Crusader Fellowship and co-incidentally, I happened to be the present National Chairman. They went on evangelism and they normally go to different locations and countries. At the moment, they are in Haiti, in the Caribbean. Yes, at that time, they went on evangelism at Ilesha, Osun state. While they were evangelising, one young man falsely alleged that while some of them were talking to him, his manhood disappeared. Although we later found out that the young man was paid for the job because they were set-up.  They descended on our people and killed 11 of them. At the moment, the holy father is holding it against the judiciary. They are supposed to investigate it and give a report. So, when they brought the news, we told the families that they should relax because when you are in the work of the Lord and you are martyred for the cause of God, it is not an evil thing. But an ignorant person will take Lovina's version to be true. No. And when you see anybody putting on the garment, you become hostile because of ignorance. The people there, based on the story they were told capitalised on it and went baserk and today, they are regretting it. The father consoled the family that as it is in Islam, if a Christian dies in the work of the Lord, he is going to heaven; and the Bible tells us that if you die, you are still with the lord because the flesh is not the spirit. Unfortunately they twisted the story and distorted the facts.

On the 144 virgins fanning the leader
In the Brotherhood of of Cross and Star, every thing we do is in conformity with the scripture. The Bible in the book of Revelation, Chapter 7 speaks about the 144,000 virgins. So, we have a body called '144,000 Virgins', they are made up of young men and women who have dedicated their lives in celibacy to the service of God. The leader from time to time gathers them to teach them the word of God because these people will be able to carry the message unadulterated. They are not thinking about marriage or boyfriend or girlfriend, they are not running after all those things that distract us. They are totally dedicated to the service. Whenever he finishes teaching them, they go back to their quarters. The distance from their quarters to the headquarters, is about 500meters and away from where the leader stays. Then the issue of fanning him; - in this modern age with air-conditioners and fans, it is ridiculous. Leader O. O. Obu is not interested in the such thing. He will not even allow that because he is a leader by example.
In the Catholic institution, the monks are young and educated people, but they chose to give their life in service to God. In the Bible, Revelation Chapter 4 vrs 11, 'Everything that was created was created exclusively for the pleasure of God.' So, our time, energy and every other thing are for God.

About Olumba Olumba Obu
In the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, we call the holy father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu. Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us a promise that he had so many things to tell us but we cannot understand them. But when that spirit of truth comes, he will lead us to the truth. And from the onset, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu emphasises that he came to do four jobs. One, he came to teach humanity. Two, he came to lead man to the knowledge of truth. Three, he came to prepare man to the standard required by God, so that on the day of judgment, man shall not be found wanting. Finally, he came to establish the kingdom of God on earth. That kingdom is called the 'Brotherhood of the Cross and Star which otherwise is called Christ Universal Spiritual of Practical Christianity. The emphasis is on practical. All these they teach about miracles, wonders; the Bible says it is only a sinful and perverted generation that speaks of signs and wonders. But if you practice the true Christianity and the love of Christ, and how to do the will of God in heaven as it is done on earth, you have to bring it as a compound structure that will teach us the way,  gather us into it and the kingdom itself. In spite of the difference in the languages, and races, 'brotherhood' is everything he has created. The air, water,animal in the bush, fish in the water are all part of us.  If they are not part of us, we cannot use them. You see, that 'Cross' is the ability to tolerate one and other. If you can stay with somebody who is tricky, but because of the love of God, you accommodate him and overlook his shortcomings- you are carrying his cross. The 'Star' is when there is harmony of love born out of forgiveness and tolerance, you will have peace, joy and happiness. That is how 'Brotherhood' will teach us the way to qualify into the grace of God. And it is that kingdom he came to establish. Our father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu has come to fulfill that prophecy and that is why we are bold to tell the world that the comforter has come.
Our leader used to tell us even if you are baptised and you decide to leave tomorrow, you're free because you are not bound by any oath. Nothing will happen to you, it is an open door.

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