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Friday, October 29, 2010

Caroline Danjuma’s dancing talent

Caroline and Musa Danjuma
Sure, one of the talents Caroline Danjuma has, apart from her on-set expertise and her singing ability with mesmerizing voice, the wife of Musa Danjuma an MTN top manager,  is blessed with the ability to move her body on any stage dance.   She proved that recently at a party she organised to lunch two new albums made by three young talented artistes so much that some guests concluded she would have been another Shakira if she was allowed to go fully into music.  She rocked and danced more than any one at the occasion.  Swinging her body and challenging songster Faze to it at the party, Caroline was the woman to beat on stage.
Spotting a tight fitting party wear atop a bomb black short, revealing the beauty of her long legs, Caroline danced herself out even as she occasionally leaned on her hubby, Musa.  The point she supposedly expressed was clear,  no room for husband snatcher.  But even her shy husband could not obliged a call to join Caroline on stage for a dance.  He graciously declined.  Don’t blame him, Oga is not party freak, but he enjoyed the swanky moment clutching to his wine glass throughout the time the party lasted. 

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